What is the price of talent success?

 What is the price of talent success?

1. You have to control yourself because you will always have the urge to remind your friends how happy you are with your career.

  2. You may need to make new friends. When you start to devote yourself to a career full of bright prospects, you will find yourself growing away from those who have succumbed to five buckets of rice (Mark Twain said: Try to stay away from people who despise your ambitions) Frustrating the ambition of others is the usual trick of the villain; on the contrary, the truly great person will make your own extraordinary).

  3. You will lose good reason to complain. Most people always spend their energy on complaining, but their career is the best material for complaining people to show their habits.

  4. People will talk about you behind your back. If you're just a disaffected status quo, you won't be the center of attention; if your career really takes off, there's going to be a lot of gossips.

  5. You will be part of the minority. You'll be like a woman with a shaved head, detached from the mainstream.

  6. Having an appropriate career requires more effort and dedication. You have to ask yourself more, inquire more deeply, and put more effort into choosing your own direction. 7. You will have to sacrifice a comfortable life to accomplish a meaningful mission. People are willing to pay a great price and succumb to inappropriate careers because they don't want to sacrifice a comfortable life! If you want to live a full and prosperous life, you must allow yourself to be comfortable and addicted to opportunities; to be determined, not to be uncertain, to avoid fear and uncertainty. Enthusiastic, energetic people tend not to be comfortable and at ease. Living to the fullest requires that one must be open to all things in life, including joy, sorrow, mundane events and anecdotes, glorious victories, and disastrous defeats.


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